About James Mirabal

James was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Having attended prestigious Incarnate Word Academy since grade school, James was fortunate to attend one of the finest Catholic Schools in the country. James learned the importance of not only academics but also the importance of strong moral values and strict discipline. Days were spent at school and afternoons at the family printing business. From an early age James was able to watch his dad & brothers in action running a small business. Seeing all the parts working together and the value of hard work helped elevate James's understanding of business at an early age. In 2000 James decided to delve full force into Real Estate. Within his first full year of production he was able to earn "Rookie Of The Year" and achieve top production at his Century 21 office. Not willing to stand still in 2004 James started his own Real Estate company and quickly grew to over 40 agents. In 2005 James began investing heavily in Real Estate and has grown a significant portfolio of multi-family properties. In 2009 James teamed up with Chris Montalvo and formed Mirabal Montalvo & Associates LLC. Mirabal Montalvo has quickly gained market share and dominates the Corpus Christi market.